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K. Knight Contracting Ltd., are general contractors specializing in commercial, industrial, and residential construction.

We offer a full range of services in the construction field including General Contracting, Project Management, and Design / Build to the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. With extensive experience in the construction industry, our project staff offer the level of practical knowledge, experience, and hands on problem solving skills required to deliver a successful project in today's highly diverse and competitive market.

Be it for your personal or business demands, we strive to give you the most competitive prices backed by solid warranties and make our claim of “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed” with confidence.


industrial.jpg (150790 bytes)Commercial / Industrial

At K.Knight Contracting we’ve had years of experience with a variety of steel manufactures. K.Knight Contracting offers a wide range of expertise and design in both pre-engineered steel buildings and conventional construction for the commercial and industrial sector. Well trained, experienced site supervisors and an excellent ongoing relationship with structural engineers and architects allow us to offer turn key projects, design build projects or project management services. We offer our customers options which best suit their construction needs.

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restaurant.jpg (93772 bytes)Retail / Restaurant

K.Knight Contracting closed an existing restaurant for two weeks and with the dedication of its own staff, trades and 24 hour shifts reopened two weeks later with a complete interior renovation and substantial addition. Retail stores are also subject to tight schedules for openings and K.Knight Contracting’s clients will happily attest to the fact that we'll get the work done right and on time.

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administrative.jpg (71332 bytes)Administration / Professional Buildings

With in house design and past sub trades K.Knight Contracting has completed several office renovations and alterations. The ability to work hand and hand with designers and customers allows K.Knight Contracting to be quite competitive and successful in this market and to meet customer's requirements and schedules.

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recreational.jpg (52630 bytes)Recreational / Clubs

From building golf course amenities to renovating an existing fitness center, K.Knight Contracting has the experience and ability to complete your recreational facility requirements. Our work on the Orillia Masonic building, which is home to the Orillia Shriner’s Club, and 5 local lodges, demonstrates our ability and versatility in the area of service industry construction.

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institutional.jpg (66681 bytes)Institutional

K.Knight Contracting has completed several institutional projects over the years ranging from small renovations to completely designed and built institutional facilities. K.Knight Contracting’s success in this market is assured by the hiring of qualified and responsible trades.

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residential.jpg (190857 bytes)Residential

K.Knight Contracting brings 50 years of family pride to every job we do. This fact is exemplified by our ability to serve and satisfy our residential clientele. Whether it’s a custom home turn key project, a renovation/addition to an existing home or installation of a new door. The staff at K.Knight Contracting takes time and pride in every project. Spending that extra time with our customer is what gives K.Knight Contracting the edge and repeat customer base, that we are proud to have built over the past years.

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garage.jpg (110027 bytes)Garage / Gazebo

K.Knight Contracting has proven itself time and time again in this competitive market where design criteria is critical.We guarantee customer satisfaction in the construction of garages and gazebos of various sizes and design.

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